Fiverr secrets for Free: beginning is always hard..or maybe not?

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How to seriously make solid income  with Fiverr

Yoy must be asking yourself how can you earn decent money from Fiverr. It’s not that easy, in the beginning. You must  build everything from the scratch. It is needed to do some job, the more you work , it have greater chances for quicker success. Especially with Fiverr secrets revealed.

I personally was registered at nearly 100 Fiverr lookalike sites. Most of them are not popular – I had zero to three gigs from the very start, at nearly 50% of that sites. But that’s the price you got to pay, or should I say: that is the lesson you have to learn.  Secrets are always exciting, but they’re even more exciting when they make you a winner.

So, conclusion is : there is a lot of work in the beginning if you are starting from scratch. Or need not to be:  if you have some money on your Paypal account, you can order a few gigs from Odesk and Fiverr, and save your time. How interesting – order some gigs on Fiverr, to put your visibility and gigs on that dsame Fiverr, and maybe those gigs of you would be about selling ebooks “how to make profit from Fiverr”. Fiverr Fiverr Fiverr everywhere 🙂

So, you can go to Odesk  and hire some guy from India to make you a 100 accounts in a Fiverr alternatives sites. Also, to make you accounts on Hub pages, Squidoo, Tubemogul, Animoto, Twitter, Facebook, etc etc. You don’t know why you need that? Be patient, I will explain my kind od “building an advertising network”.

So, for the beginning, you have a open accounts on all those Fiveer look-a-like sites and a open accounts on some sites which you still don’t know why you need it, but be patient.

First off and most importantly, you have to create gigs. Gigs that you’re actually able to deliver. That maybe might be  the problem for some of you, folks. Which gigs to create to make a money from it?  There are so many Fiverr secrets how to make money, and I will reveal you every secret I am doing and even those gig secrets I have no time to try.

First of alldon’t hurry to put a 20 gigs. Give yourself couple of days for surfing. For research. You will shurely notice that exact the same gigs are repeating in various sites. With one “little”  exception:  same gig cost $5 on one site and $10 or even $20 or more – on some other site. To be even more weird story about that: those guy who make same gig for $20 is actually OUTSORCING.
Got it? When someone order him a $20 gig, he simply order exactly the same gig from $5 site and , in some meaning of that word – relocate it! Piece of cake? Yeah. But, errrrrr….not.

First important thing – you got to choose wisely gigs you want to outsorcing. Look at positive reviews. Look at number of gig orderding. Research everything. That is why I told you that beginning could be very hard. But with this free Fiverr secrets and some efforts, success is guaranteed.

After you choose few gigs for outsorcing, I suggest you another thing – choose some picture which will represent the nature of your gig. And it would be a VERY GOOD THING to made some short video. You can record yourself from yourwebcam, saying “Hi guys, I am John Doe, and I will help you / teach you/doing what everything I promised in my gig”. Of course, you don’t have to record cam for your gig. You can go to and make your free 30-second video. Combine it.

Or, if you got money for start up costs (let’s say that hundred bucks would be nice for 20 gigs which can save you  A LOOOOOOOT of time. But hey, I didn’t spend money on it. I put a lot of my efforts and spent a lot of hours. You can do it on my way or you can outsorce even video clips. It’s up to you, folks) , find a person on Fiverr or at Odesk and order it.
So, now you got your accounts on hundred Fiverr alternative sites, and accounts at some article sites, and other kind of sites which you slowly get it why you need it, aight?  For the beginning – with video clips, now you got to know why is important to have a youtube account, right?

The reason I suggest you to put a new accounts on Gmail, Facebook and Twitter is that you can actually save a lot of time during registrations, because, a lot of sites are doing registration and verification via Twitter, FB and OpenID, which means, you can just, instead of registration (typing and email, password, user name, verification etc) , click on “connect via Twitter/FB/OpenID” which is saving you a lot of time.

Gmail is one of the MUST HAVE account. I doubt that you don’t have G account at this very moment, but if you still don’t have. That would be the first thing you should do!!! Also, I recommend you to take notes properly:  put some sheets in MS Exel where you can follow your progress, put a notes, and do everything sorted. G mail convenience is a G spreadsheets, which means you can open and edit your Exel files from every corner of your planet if its on your Gmail. Also that means that you don’t have to buy MS Office program which consists Exel. You can do everything from your Gmail.

In my next post here, I will continue to explain how to make money online through Fiverr, for free. So far, you got to do all those things above: make an accounts, research for outsorcing and make videos for your gigs. Believe me, gigs with ANY video clip will drive SEVEN HUNDRED PERCEN BIGGER ATTENTION. Ask yourself, starting from social networks, dating sites or even Company sites – do you believe more to the person without anything on his/hers profile, or to the person which has a picture or video?

If you missed first part  of  Fiverr Secrets for free: Introduction, just click on it


Fiverr secrets for free: introduction


Fiverr is a marketplace where users buy and sell products and services worth $ 5. There are many sites similar to Fiverr. I found 78 just for one afternoon 🙂 People are registering constantly and putting their gigs, what they are willing to do for $ 5 or more. Some of them are quite fun. Others do business. Business includes secrets, how to improve. Fiver Secrets is blog which is telling about those secrets.

You can find many interesting things you wish to order on Fiverr, also on other lookalike sites. There are plenty of Fiverr clones on the internet.

Fiverr users to provide a wide range of services and products .  If you look closely, you’ll find plenty of options for things you need on a regular basis, or websites and blogs.

Maybe you are buyer, maybe you are seller. If you are planning to sell your gigs on Fiverr, you must know all Fiver secrets.

For all those who didn’t earned a single dime online, it may seems like a hard work to earn something on Feverr. But, that is so not true. Just be creative. There is literally endless ways to earn on Fiverr. Google a little bit, then let your inspiration lead you.

You can post multiple jobs. First of all – do some investigating across Fiverr. See what people sell. See what people love to buy. Ask yourself, what are the most interesting gigs you’ve see there? Are they profitable, etc etc.

I will reveal you a pretty much everything what I am doing online on a sites like Fiverr, which brings me more than a decent amount even on daily basis, but you must figure out that the biggest Fiverr secret  is inspiration. Your inspiration.

Also, it is not “set up and forget it” type of job. No, you must work. If you don’t like to work, then Fiverr is not for you. Go somewhere else and find some “magic button – one push per day and you’ll make millions until the end of the month” Yeah, right!

It is so logical conclusion– you must post a few jobs to make a few sales, right? But, what gigs are better, what I am capable of…you will ask yourself.

Don’t you worry. There is a plenty of things you can actually do in a few minutes and earn $5 (more precisely – $4, because Feverr is taking one dollar from every gig you do). So $4 is barely enough for hot- dog…but, wait! Go back and read last sentence again.

Do you get it now? You can earn $4 in a FEW MINUTES. So, you can earn $8 in a 10 minutes. $48  in a hour. Or moreMore,because there are some sites similar to Fiverr but instead five bucks, you can charge your gig $7 or $10 or $25….even $100 !  I would be liar to you if I would say that I have 100 bucks gigs everyday. But, you know what? A few times in a month is quite enough. I am not complaining on my Fiverr income. Oh, no, you better believe me.

But, how to be noticed? How people will notice your gigs and decide to hire you, in that jungle of similar Fiverr gigs?
It is not easy, as I said. But it is doable. Just follow the blueprint and put some your own creation into it. It is time for Fiverr secrets to finally be revealed.


Fasten your seatbells. What I will present here, you can’t find anywhere else. Fiverr is big enough for everyone. It canot be saturated. The best of all, I will reveal all of my FIVER SECRETS  COMPLETELY FREE. That’s right, no strings attached. Anyway, when you start making some decent cash, you can contact me and eventually order one of my gigs and write a positive revirew…but, hey – it is not necessary!

Be ready for a lot of things to do in the beginning, but after you set up my system and my  kind of “advertising network” online, success will be closer than you think.